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Public Attributes

xvImageFormatInfo Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

CARD16 pad1 B16
CARD16 pad2 B16
CARD16 pad6 B16
CARD16 pad4 B16
CARD16 pad8 B16
CARD32 id B32
CARD32 pad10 B32
CARD32 y_sample_bits B32
CARD32 u_sample_bits B32
CARD32 pad9 B32
CARD32 horz_v_period B32
CARD32 v_sample_bits B32
CARD32 horz_y_period B32
CARD32 horz_u_period B32
CARD32 green_mask B32
CARD32 vert_y_period B32
CARD32 vert_u_period B32
CARD32 vert_v_period B32
CARD32 red_mask B32
CARD32 blue_mask B32
CARD8 bpp
CARD8 byte_order
CARD8 comp_order [32]
CARD8 depth
CARD8 format
CARD8 guid [16]
CARD8 num_planes
CARD8 pad3
CARD8 pad5
CARD8 pad7
CARD8 scanline_order
CARD8 type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 108 of file Xvproto.h.

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